Caught moles in Oregon for School District

Thanks for the great work, our facilities look great. Mole appearing above ground Tim- Reynolds School District (Note:  Reynolds School serves Portland, Gresham, Fairview, Wood Village, and Troutdale, Oregon.)

Exterminated 30 moles from hay field

Thank you for taking on a job that nobody else would, I can't believe you caught almost 30 moles that first year you started trapping my 15 acre hay field. It still looks great.  Jim and Connie Field of molehills

Mole extermination in Gresham, OR

Moles destroy lawn The Mole Lady caught and removed 35 moles from the front lawn of a Gresham, OR resident.  Their front lawn was turning into a disaster zone.  After years of trying every product on the shelves of The Home Depot, they called us in, and the problem is solved.  Moles are [...]

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