Mole Charge:  $35 per mole

Setup Fee:  $125  

After we catch your moles and remove traps you have two months to call us back for service without getting charged another setup fee and it resets your two months of service.

We service Portland, Beaverton, Gresham, Troutdale, Wood Village, Candy, Corbett, Colton, Sandy, Boring, Damascus, Estacada, Mulino/Molalla, Redland, Happy Valley, Milwaukie, West Linn, Sherwood and Lake Oswego. As soon as Washington State allows mole trapping, we will begin servicing the Vancouver area.

Upon receiving your call for help, we will come to your home/business and set our traps. Every week and sometimes more frequently we will come back and check them.  If we notice that there is still mole activity, we will reset our traps, and return a couple days later to recheck them. This process continues until we trust that we have caught all your moles, or you ask us to pull up all the traps. The traps in your yard will never be forgotten.
It is our practice to cover traps with a bucket and dirt or a orange flag with a different style of traps that is buried inside the mole tunnels, rather than nothing at all to deter all pets, children, and “curious seekers” away from a trap that could potentially hurt them.  If necessary, it is your responsibility to provide a heavy object (firewood, large rocks) to cover buckets that may be disturbed by kids or large pets.  For safety reasons, we require that you never check a trap for mole activity, or even move the bucket that covers the trap.Being conscientious about your home and yard is our top priority and we will leave it the way we found it.  We aim to not disturb you or your property in any way and many times you will never see us come or go as we may start our day “before the sun comes up”.After a mole is caught, we bury the mole in the hole in which it was caught (unless you tell us otherwise). You will be billed when our traps are removed from your yard.  It is not necessary for you to be present when traps are set, unless we can not access the area without you present.  Should mole activity become evident again within two months of removing our traps, you will not be re-charged a setup fee for us to come and set up our traps again.  If it has been longer than 60 days, a new setup fee will be charged.

Thanks for trusting The Mole Lady!

We look forward to eliminating your mole problem!